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IT Solutions for Start-Ups

For Start-Ups in India, we at Cridos Tech have come up with all kinds of services, right from the initial stage to the end of execution. We provide web and app based solutions, services and continuous support. Cridos Tech will help you to grow with your ideas to give them a space so they exist with a future where they are known worldwide.


Ideas Transformation & Requirement Gathering

Defining Scope, Problem Identification, System Definition with scope specification, Research on Cost, Time and Benefits, System Analysis & Design, Initial Marketing and Analysis 

Data Maintenance & Support

Data Analysis, Database Administration, Document Control

Considering functional requirements, Analyzing needs of the users, Ensure system design meets user expectations, Analyzing Data & its properties, Database Designing & Performance handling Support, File & Documentation, Handling File Management on Clouds


Graphic Designing & Web Designing

Necessary Visual Design Specifications, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Hoardings and Newsletter Designing for the new Start-Ups


Website/Application Development

Introducing your Start-Ups with Websites, Web Applications & Mobile Applications, In House Software Development, Point Of Sales Software, CRM (Customer Relationship Modules) Development, Content Management Systems, E-commerce Development for Buying/Selling online.

Integration & Testing

API Integration, Web Application Testing

Payment Gateway Support & Integration with new/existing systems, 3rd Party API provision & Integration, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Integration support, Testing the Application, Acceptance Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing

Extended Support

Unlimited Email Accounts, Newsletters

Driving your Web/Application Into Action, Marketing Online your system, Providing you with Email Accounts/Databases and Social Media accounts to do the marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing.

Operations & Maintenance

Secured Web Hosting & Continuous Maintenance

Secured Hosting, Secure Socket Layer Implementation for Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Performance & Fine tuning, Boost performance, Add New Capabilities Wherever Required, Meet Additional User Requirements

Target Larger Audience 

We get your ideas be known to the world, and for that we provide you a huge people reach. 

Gain Benefits at Low Costs 

What we provide are solutions to your ideas. They reach to you as services at minimal costs.

Agreeing Equity of Services

We with our policies, exchange our solutions in return of the services you provide to the world.

Our Initiated Start-Ups